Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Just in case you hadn't got bored of bloggers writing about their 2013, I thought I better get in there and write a post about my year. It's been a good'un.

I kicked off the year as a true lightweight, getting too drunk to want to go to town on NYE so tottered home as all my friends headed out. I watched the countdown on tv with the family (oh yes, it was before midnight) and then went to bed. 2014 come at me.

I then returned to Brighton to begin my second semester of the first year of uni (the shout of "down it fresher!" will be forever engraved into my memory). It snowed in Brighton and in true Southern style everyone lost their sh*t.
February was the month in which I moved into a new flat, with Amy. Cue nights of tv watching, tea drinking, nail painting, a few of crying and many, many heart to hearts. She da best.

It also brought my 19th birthday, which I couldn't have celebrated in such style without a visit from the one and only Ellie. I was spoilt by my bests Amy and Amy and lots of cake was consumed. I also managed to drop my bank card and ID outside my flat, which were returned to me by the lovely Zoe, who nearly a year on is one of my firm favourites.

In May I met Lewis, basically the best thing that happened to me.

Summer 2013 was a beautiful thing. I went to Cornwall and Prague and Issy and I saw the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park. Oh. My. God. What a wonderful day. It was worth every penny! Ruth and I returned to WOMAD to volunteer, another fantastic weekend with really amazing people. Unfortunately, summer ended with a low point of my year; getting sent to hospital with a kidney infection and having to miss the Great North Run. It really sucked, but at least my kidneys are back to normal now.

The start of my second year of uni has been tougher. But it's also had it's ups. I've met some great new people, made better friends with others and in October, A Rosie Tinted Life was born! All credit must be given to Amy for encouraging me and being my blogging inspiration and trouble-shooter.

2013, you were good to me.
Lots of love and a happy new year!
Rosie x


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